Designing a Great Kids Bathroom

August 28, 2017

A kidfriendly bathroom can grow to suit their changing needs  16001529 40043065 0 14049847 500

A kid-friendly bathroom can include unique design elements, but also be adaptable to grow as they do. 


Pink Tile For The Bathroom: Retro and Chic

August 23, 2017

Dont fear the pink bathroom it can be classy retro and welcoming  16001529 40043030 0 7038991 500

If you think a pink bathroom is out of date, think again. 


Neutral Colours For A Great Bathroom Remodeling Project

August 17, 2017

Accents in a neutral bathroom can pop  16001529 40042968 0 14136639 500

Neutral colours in a bathroom can be used advantageously. 


Add A New Backsplash for Brightness and Protection

August 15, 2017

A kitchen sink backsplash can look classy and be functional 16001529 40042922 0 14105611 500

Creating a new backsplash is a great kitchen renovation project. 


Considerations Before Opting for a Kitchen Island

July 28, 2017

A kitchen island can provide extra work space  16001529 40042715 0 14111775 500

If you are looking to make a significant change to your kitchen that will increase the functionality of the space, an island may be the right decision. 


Does Your Bathroom Need a Double Sink?

July 26, 2017

Two sinks can be a good choice for many bathrooms  16001529 40042664 0 14024914 500

If you are designing a new bathroom or renovating an old room, a double sink may be smart choice for your home.   


4 Ways to Use Tile in the Kitchen

July 14, 2017

Tiles are a great choice for your kitchen  16001529 40042522 0 14116752 500

If you are ready for a home renovation project, try one of these four ways to use tile in your kitchen. 


5 Tips for Creating a Professional Quality Kitchen

July 7, 2017

Your kitchen needs to be functional as well as visually appealing  16001529 40042416 0 14135479 500

 If you want a kitchen that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional enough to cook like a pro, try out the following five steps. 


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