What kind of kitchens do millennials favour?

September 27, 2017

Millennials may prefer a sleek kitchen like this 16001529 40043444 0 14139355 500

Millennials have their own set of likes and dislikes, which has driven fashion, technology, music and home decor.


Modernize your kitchen with quartz countertops

September 25, 2017

Want new kitchen countertops Consider quartz 16001529 40043397 0 14095366 500

Bringing your kitchen up-to-date may not require a major remodeling project.


​Picking the right kitchen cabinets

September 19, 2017

You dont have to update your entire kitchen for a new look just the kitchen cabinets 16001529 40043302 0 14139248 500

There are plenty of ways to freshen up kitchen decor without undertaking an entire kitchen remodeling project.


Smaller, Simpler Kitchens Coming Soon?

September 19, 2017

A simple kitchen can also be a small one  16001529 40043299 0 14138061 500

Kitchen designs are always evolving. Smaller kitchens may be trendy again - and soon. 


Turn Your Kitchen Into a Baking Haven

September 14, 2017

Like to cook together A new kitchen design should reflect that  16001529 40043258 0 14108569 500

The person who does the most cooking and baking in the house should be the lead consultant on any upgrades or changes to the kitchen.


A Chic Seated Bathroom Vanity

August 30, 2017

The home bathroom can contain a space for getting ready 16001529 40043104 0 14124008 500

Bathroom renovation projects can sometimes only focus around the functional.


Make Your Kitchen Kid-Friendly

August 28, 2017

With the right kitchen design the whole family can cook together and spent time together 16001529 40043067 0 14123683 500

Everyone seems to gravitate towards the kitchen. Here's how your kitchen can be family-friendly and accommodate a range of activities. 


How to Enhance a Tiny Kitchen Space

August 28, 2017

A small kitchen space painted white can help it seem larger  16001529 40043066 0 14108988 500

Your kitchen may be small but it can be bold, especially if you incorporate some of these kitchen decor ideas into your space. 


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